Is Lipstick Safe During Pregnancy?

Actually, there are so many things you need to know about pregnancy, but you do not truly understand until you have experienced it. Over the years, the pregnant women should color their hair and also use the cosmetic products based on their own interests either regularly or occasionally. As per the recent research, wearing lipstick is dangerous for pregnant women, but still it is an ultimately famous cosmetic item. This kind of cosmetic item is commonly exposure to chemicals known as phthalates, which are usually contained in the general products such as nail polish and lipstick, which posed a danger to the intelligent growth of one’s offspring. According to the IQ test research, the mothers who exposed to the greatest levels of phthalates had lesser IQs than children, especially whose mothers had lesser phthalate experience. To avoid this, every mother should look for the lipstick for pregnancy and safeguard their new born as well as them.Is Lipstick Safe During Pregnancy

Find the top picks for the best lipstick for pregnant women

If you have no idea on which product can prove to be the most attractive, this particular section has got you covered everything. Below are some of the lists of lipsticks that will provide your lips the life it warrants without harming you as well as your baby.

  • Botanical lipstick cherry plum
  • Karen Murrell natural moisturizing lip repair lipstick
  • Lavera color intense lipstick
  • Mineral fusion lipstick
  • Gabriel cosmetics Vegan lipstick
  • EXO all natural lipstick

What are the ingredients to avoid in a lipstick?

Whether you are pregnant or not, you must always select a safe lipstick for pregnancy with the organic and natural ingredients. Below are some of the ingredients that you want to avoid:

Methyl paraben

This is one of the common preservatives present in the cosmetic items from the US, but it is strictly banned in Europe. This is because; it leads to a number of negative effects like cancer and interruption of endocrine. So, it is categorized as a great hazard.

Propyl paraben

This is another ingredient that can be categorized as a sensible hazard. It can also cause allergic reactions and skin as well as eye irritation.

Retinyl palmitate

This is a synthetic kind of Vitamin A. It is named as a temperate threat. So, it is always the best away to stay from, particularly during pregnancy.

Tocopheryl acetate

This is a kind of vitamin E. This dangerous ingredient can cause burning and skin blistering among others.

What to look for in a lipstick?

Instead of using harmful chemicals, your lipsticks must consist of natural and organic ingredients. They should be plant derived as an alternative of being chemically and artificially made. The natural extracts and oils are the excellent; because they can hydrate as well as nurture the lips without even being troubled on harmfulness. Even some of the great sources of oils and extracts can build a lipstick highly safe for the pregnancy such as sunflower, cocoa seed, aloe Vera, avocado, caster seed and jojoba seed. When you look at this label, it is always much essential to take a note of terms such as cruelty free, lead free, organic, natural and non-GMO among others.

How to obtain the best looking lips naturally?

When you use lipsticks, you can ensure that it is pregnancy-safe. If you are uncomfortable with an idea of using cosmetics while you have a babe in your tummy, below are some of the excellent fresh ways to take care of your lips:

A pomegranate seed mask

It can be a worth home remedy to have smooth lips. To perform this so, all you need to do is to mix the crushed pomegranate seed with the cold milk cream and then apply it on your lips as like a face mask. After that you can leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it.

Drink a lot of water

Hydration is one of the best defenses against having dried and chapped lips.

Honey and lemon mask

Both these masks for lips can support a lot. This will provide the lips the hydration and moisture, which it requires to appear at its best.

Having a humidifier

It is a very good idea. More than that, dry air inside your home is a reason; why your lips are getting dry. The humidifier will also add moisture to a room.

Use lipstick during pregnancy is secure?

Basically, lipstick is one of the most popular cosmetic products in which several women are well known to use over ages. When it comes to your pregnancy time, you can search for many other alternative options such as a lip gloss or an herbal lip balm to be on a secure side. The lipsticks usually consist of lead, which could have fatal outcomes in pregnancy. The lipsticks also provide too much of glow, which is well known to be greater in lead content. Right from the beginning, you will not connect with anything hazard, so it is always good to discuss with your doctor and make sure that the brand you use is completely secure during your pregnancy. Some of the dangerous effects in which lead can have in lipsticks are given below:

  • Harmful reaction
  • Natural lipsticks
  • Lipstick contain mineral oils
  • Petrochemicals in lipstick
  • Neurotoxin effect


When you are pregnant, it is always much essential to be wise, especially when it comes to use the cosmetics like lipsticks. They actually consist of lead and other harsh chemicals, which can place you at threat, specifically for your baby. To be make sure that you’re safe lipstick for pregnancy will not be dangerous and also keep an eye on products, which have been mentioned. They will surely offer life to your lips without even a need to be concerned on the possible adverse effects. Lipstick is consumed throughout the day; you want to be more careful particularly in pregnancy time. However, it is good to avoid liking to use lipstick during those months of your pregnancy.